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This Teacher’s Day, Join Careerindia & Share Message For Your Teachers On Our Portal

Teachers’ Day is celebrated in India on September 5. For India, Teacher’s Day marks the birth anniversary of its second President, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Celebrating Teacher’s Day at school is one of the finest memories of school days. Without a doubt, we can say everyone will agree with it. Beginning to prepare to surprise our teachers with all the decorations, along with elaborate plays, essays, and speeches, is an event that leaves a mark in the memory.

The countdown for the much-awaited Day, the ‘Teacher’s’ Day’, for students and teachers, has begun. As the Day approaches, students are excited about the preparations for the Day.

Share Your Heartfelt Messages On Teacher's Day

A very prominent part of the Teacher’s Day celebration is sharing your experiences with your Teacher.
You can share your message to your favorite teacher and also share pictures with your teachers and classmates. You can also share the Teacher’s day celebration pictures from your school. On our portal, we will feature the same. You can write to us at [email protected]

Share Your Heartfelt Messages On Teacher's Day

Mohit from Jaipur says, “My mother and nanaji. They gave me the most valuable lessons of my life. My mother always says, Beta, lohe ke chane hai abhi chaba loge toh puri zindagi sukhi rahoge. And my Nani ji would always say, “chad-de Suraj nu duniya salam kardi aa(everybody salutes the rising sun). And these learnings keep me going, whatever the situation is. These quotes turned into pillars of my life.”

Manisha from Bikaner,” I would like to thank my teachers, Mr Saurav Singh & Mr Shantanu Shukla. The first and most important thing I’ve learned so far is to finish with the same energy I had while starting. And my teachers would always say starting is easy, and continuing the same is hard. I am grateful to have teachers like them.”

Nishtha From Delhi, “My teachers inspire me a lot. They guided me toward my future. Their life lessons are teaching me a lot now that I have graduated. Their advice is now more relevant to me in a most struggling phase of life. I am thankful to my teachers.”

Rahul (32) from Pune says, “My Mathematics teacher gave me the most valuable teaching of my life. He said that whatever the situation is, remember you always have an option of- Let us suppose and act upon it. I am forever grateful for having a teacher like him.”

Share Your Heartfelt Messages On Teacher's Day

Shiva(28) says,” Ms Seema ma’am was my favourite Teacher in school. Her way of teaching was very simplified. She used to teach via diagrams and mind maps. I have a decent job today. I want to credit her and my parents, who are my biggest supporters.”

Snehal (26) from Ahmedabad remembers her Teacher vividly whenever she is overworked and exhausted in her cosmetics startup. Her Teacher once told her that life’s best reward is the chance to immerse completely and work hard at work worth doing.

Anurag from Gurugram says,’Teacher motivate karte the k chahe unke subject se related kitne hi silly doubts dimag me aa rahe ho wo pooch lo hichko nahi…Kai bar inhi me se ache points nikal kar aate the aur mera confidence badhta tha. Mai shukarguzar hu mere teachers ka.”

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