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Polishing tyre sidewalls and plastic cladding on your car: which product to use?

Tyre dresser solutions help enhance the life of your tyres by offering environmental protection.

Published On Aug 28, 2022 08:00:00 AM

I am currently using a Volkswagen Taigun and have a few queries regarding polishing the car. Can you suggest some products for polishing the plastic cladding and tyres? Secondly, does the tyre polish damage the tyre gradually and affect its traction? Lastly, should I buy different products for these two?

Midhun M, via email

Autocar India says: We would recommend getting vehicle care products from Turtle Wax, which is a renowned brand in the detailing space, and is known for its quality and wide variety.

You could opt for the Turtle Wax ‘Inside & Out Protectant’ spray, which is a multi-purpose solution that can be applied on all plastic as well as rubber surfaces on the car’s exterior and cabin. The said product can be used for both plastic cladding as well as tyres.

Regular usage of a tyre dresser solution would enhance the life of the rubber compound by offering protection from environmental heat, as well as that generated while the car is in motion. However, a tyre shine solution must be carefully applied only on the tyre’s sidewall surface, and not on the contact patch, so as to prevent loss of grip on the road.

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