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Meghan Markle had ‘problem’ with sending Archie to UK school: ‘Not obsessed’

Meghan Markle  says would not have been a ‘strong’ parent, had her son Archie attended school in the UK.

In the latest edition of magazine The Cut, journalist Allison P. Davies reveals of her interview with Meghan, sharing her concerns as a parent in the spotlight.

 “Earlier in our conversation about her goals for the life she’s creating here, she’d remarked upon how, if Archie were in school in the U.K., she’d never be able to do school pickup and drop-off without it being a royal photo call with a press pen of 40 people snapping pictures.”

Meghan told the interviewer: “Sorry, I have a problem with that. That doesn’t make me obsessed with privacy.

“That makes me a strong and good parent protecting my child.”

She added: “ Archie is just the cheerful kid who brings a week’s worth of freshly picked fruit for his fellow classmates and enjoys playing a ‘roaring’ game at recess.”

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