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Kunal Kemmu Returns with More Vigour to Counter Supervillains

Abhay 2

Cast: Kunal Kemmu, Asha Negi, Bidita Bag, Ram Kapoor, Chunky Panday

Director: Ken Ghosh

Kunal Kemmu as investigator Abhay Pratap Singh is back and interesting crime stories are woven yet again to keep the thrill quotient going. In new episodes, Abhay 2 gets more engaging as challenges keep coming back in new forms and faces for the UP-based sleuth. With slick pace and neo-noir treatment, the series holds promise for another round of action and you won’t be able to look away when evil comes searching.

Now, Abhay has moved away from his child Sahil and can dedicate his whole mind and time to solving crimes. Earlier, he was somewhat restrained due to homely duties and a troubled past. The storyline does not give him a clean slate here but, first-off, it’s fresh to see Abhay focus whole-heartedly on helping people without having to worry about his personal life.

While season one worked on setting the pace, tone and familiarised us with the main character, Abhay 2 brings powerful villains to the fore whose dirt has to be cleaned up by the law enforcement agency. Chunky Panday, Bidita Bag and Ram Kapoor make for formidable opponents in the first three episodes and each of them embrace their dark, rebellious side.

Not that they will match up to Abhay’s grit, intelligence or sixth sense but it is always welcome for the bigger evils to face him first.

The new season makes investigative storytelling attractive and uses crime-drama tropes to its maximum advantage. High contrast images, deserted locations and a broody man-in-charge are all ingredients served with fresh perspectives. Kunal has also kept up well with his character as he catches twisted perpetrators and returns back without batting an eyelid.

Abhay showed promise in 2019 and with a new outing, the showrunners draw from their experimental side. As people sidestep all morality and strip humanity bare, a maverick officer keeps alive the hope of swift justice.

New episodes of Abhay are streaming on ZEE5.

Rating: 3/5

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