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How To Settle In Australia In First Week? Check All Details Here

Migration to a new country is always challenging. If you are prepared enough, you can still face this challenge. The same applies to migrating to Australia as a student. Though it’s an advanced country with one of the most organized infrastructures and facilities, it will still take time for you to adapt.
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What things to keep in mind while travelling to Australia?

1. Airport to accommodation

Students are advised to check your university student on-boarding portal for any mention of an airport pickup. Some universities offer this service as a one-off airport pickup. It may be a complimentary service, depending on the university offerings, else book ola, uber or any taxi.

2. Purchase a SIM Card

The three major telecom service providers in Australia are Telstra, Optus and TPG (formerly Vodafone). SIM cards can also be purchased at the airport or ordered online and delivered to your local Australian address.

3. Travel cards for public transport

Students are advised to get travel cards for hassle-free transportation.

4. Check out nearby shops

Know your area within a radius of 1km in the first week, like grocery shops, cosmetics, accessories, stationaries and other needful things.

5. Winter wear

Australian winters in the southeast region of the continent can be quite frigid, finding the perfect winter coat is a must during your first week.

6. University Route

It can be hectic in the first week. But better if you keep using maps and get used to landmarks nearby. It will be easier for you.

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