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Google is making it easier to unmute yourself in Meet calls, here’s how

The pandemic may not be waning, which means that video calls are here to stay. Even after two years of regular video calls for most professionals, there are some things about them that are irksome. Like muting or unmuting yourself. How many times have you heard “please unmute yourself” during those video calls? Every time you have to click on the button on the screen to mute/unmute yourself. Not anymore though. Google is adding — better late than never — a rather useful shortcut to Meet.
According to a report by 9to5Google, the tech giant is adding a shortcut that will allow users to easily mute and unmute during video calls on Meet. In an update on the Google Workspace blog, Google said that users will now be able to quickly unmute themselves during a meeting, you can now hold down the spacebar to be unmuted, then release the spacebar to return to a muted state. “We hope this makes it even easier for you to participate in your meetings by quickly unmuting to say something,” said the company in the blog.

When will the shortcut be rolled out?

It will be available for Workspace users now whereas personal Google Account users will be getting it over the next few weeks. We did check on both Workspace and personal accounts and the feature wasn’t available as of now. Google on the blog noted that by September 24, all users should have this feature. The feature will be available only on web browsers.

How to turn on the shortcut?

The shortcut for mute/unmute will be turned off by default. Google Meet users will have to go to the Settings tab to enable it manually.

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