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Baker will back ballot initiative aimed at overturning new license law

Gov. Charlie Baker will vote to overturn the Work and Family Mobility Act, which became law in June despite his veto of the legislation.

“I’ll vote for the repeal,” Baker said.

The law will allow those without legal status in the country but the ability to demonstrate their identification using home nation documentation to earn a Massachusetts driver’s license starting next summer.

On Wednesday, a group of advocates aiming to repeal the new law announced they had gathered the more than 40,000 signatures required to put the issue before voters on November’s ballot. Jim Lyons, the chairman of the MassGOP, told a crowd in Boston the group had gathered 78,000 local clerk certified signatures, but that they expected the total to reach over 100,000.

Baker said he will join those signers in opposing the law, when provided the chance to do so in the fall, “based on the comments that I made when I vetoed the originally legislation.”

“Which is there were a series of amendments that were offered by Democrats and Republicans, to make some of the concerns I had about the difficulty associated with mashing together the implementation of the voting piece with the driver’s license piece workable for town clerks and for the registry and the Secretary of State that the legislature chose not to take up,” Baker said.

Advocates of the law, including several law enforcement groups, say it will make the roads safer by allowing those currently driving illegally to participate in driver’s training and insurance programs.


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