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10 Foreign Language Series on Netflix to Watch this Summer

The scorching summer heat has limited our options for having fun outside the comfort of our homes. So, whether you are spending the vacations sitting idly on your couch and binge-watching TV series or just looking for ways to entertain yourself without facing the wrath of the sun, we’ve got you covered with these foreign language series to watch this summer on Netflix.

1. Narcos

Easily the most recognizable on this list, if you haven’t caught up with this wildly popular show on Netflix, grab this opportunity without fail. Currently in its third season, the Spanish-language series follows the story of the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar in the backdrop of Colombia’s violent and influential drug cartels who are at odds with law enforcement agencies.

2. Dark

This German-language Netflix original series has often been compared to another Netflix hit Stranger Things because they share their premise- A preteen goes missing and the search sends the entire town into a frenzy that leads to the uncovering of decades old secrets. However, Dark is grittier and darker with a plot that’s so intriguing that once you’re hooked there’s no going back. Production of Season 2 has already begun, so there won’t be a better time than this to catch up with Season 1.

3. Something in the Rain

This Korean romance which just concluded its first and only season on Netflix got off to a promising start. The Korean title of the show that translates to ‘Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food’ sums up the entire a story- A 35 year old Korean woman meets her best friend’s younger brother on his return from three years of working abroad and their frequent meals together blossom into a romance. Even if you’re not one for romance you will find yourself inevitably blushing at the mushy scenes. The show captures the nascent stages of a relationship perfectly and even addresses issues such as sexual harassment in the workplace.

However, watch out for the declining standards of the script as the second-half of the series can be a drag.

4. The Rain

The Danish series runs on an interesting premise of a post-apocalyptic world where young people try their best to survive and navigate romantic pursuits as well. Renewed for season 2 by Netflix, The Rain follows the story of two siblings who are confined to a bunker after almost all of Scandinavia’s population is wiped out by deadly rain. They emerge out of the bunker after six years and encounter a completely different world with ghastly secrets awaiting them. The thrills are complemented by great cinematography and music, so grab some popcorn and settle in.

5. Trapped

Nordic noir is a genre that is fast gaining prominence around the world. Jump on the bandwagon of fans with Trapped, an Icelandic mystery series in which the police attempts to solve a murder amidst a raging snowstorm in a small town.

6. Cable Girls

Originally titled “Las Chicas del Cable”, this Spanish period drama is set in 1920s Madrid. At a time when women were still treated as the property of men, four women dare to seek independence by getting jobs at the first national telephone company that opens up in Madrid. A riveting tale that transports you back in time with the right dash of drama, romance, and yes, women empowerment.

7. Fauda

A critically acclaimed political thriller, this Israeli series follows a retired Israeli agent who returns to work after it is discovered that a Palestinian fighter, supposedly killed by his unit is alive. The series is in Hebrew and Arabic but that hasn’t deterred viewers from tuning into this multi-lingual gripping thriller that has been compared to the likes of Homeland. Even if you disagree with the politics, don’t miss out on this nail-biter.

8. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

The heartwarming Japanese series is about a diner which only opens from midnight to dawn. Each episode introduces us to new customers as they bond over their shared love for a dish. Not as well-known as the other series on this list, this obscure gem manages to leave one with a lingering sense of contentment.

9. Subbura: Blood on Rome

This Narcos-esque Italian crime drama has generous servings of violence but keeps one on the edge throughout as it unfolds the saga of the church, politicians, local gangs and real estate involved in a deadly conflict over costal land in Rome. Even with the spectacular shots of Italian architecture and scenic views that gratify one’s aesthetic sense, Subbura is not for the faint-hearted.

10. 3%

Yet another dystopian thriller involving young people, this Portuguese series set in the future revolves around a world where people fight for the opportunity to be among the 3% who get to live on a picturesque island called the Offshore.

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